Help you assess your needs.
Suggest your options.
Accurately estimate your costs.
Explain how the move will progress.
When your goods will be delivered.
What to do if something appears to be damaged.
When and how you make payment.
We move locally, small and large jobs.
Do packing and unpacking.
Need packing material? We stock it.
We offer warehouse storage.
We will load and unload your self move truck.
We have the proper Work Comp Insurance.
We crate and ship local and overseas.
We provide truck rental through U-Haul.
We move interstate with North American Van Lines.
We move Army personnel, State employees, Federal employees or your employees.
We have overseas connections.

Moving Without the Runaround!

Local Moving

Let us do your local moving.

Let us move you into your new home while you take care of other things and save your back for tennis!

We Do Free and Accurate Estimates

Local moving is charged by the hour, minimum 1 hour. After minimum, the charge is by quarter hour. We do charge by the piece for extra large or difficult pieces. We charge extra on weekends and holidays. The hourly charge is from leaving our office to return.

Some items require servicing such as gas stoves, appliances, hot tubs, wired direct appliances, etc. We cannot do this, as it requires plumbers and or electricians. Please be sure to have these items disconnected before your scheduled move date.

Moving across state or the United States

Charges are according to weight, distance and certain other things, such as distance from and to your front door, whether the large truck can get to your home, or will a smaller truck be required to act as a shuttle. Will you be moving unusual things?

A quick way of determining an approximate weight is: Figure 1000 lbs. per room. (4 rooms x 1000 lbs. = 4000 lbs.) Packing usually requires 10 cartons per 1000 lbs., on the average.


Students why drag your extra stuff around! Store your extra items or over summer in our containers. Why worry about how and where to securely store your stuff for the summer, bring your goods here. We have containers you can load and leave it here in our storage facility. Dry-Fire Alarm - protected.


Down sizing your home? We have long term storage for your extra items. Ask about our Senior Citizens Program. We have secure long term storage for your extra items.


Store your extra items or over Summer in our containers.

We Move Locally, Small and Large Jobs.



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